On December 21st, 2006, the first newsletter was published by the Dementia Collaborative Research Centres. It was a celebration of a bold and innovative approach to research - announcing the proposal, via three unique university-based centres, to build Australia's biggest ever collaborative network of science-into-practice effort.
A decade has passed. In 2016 we celebrate a vision realised: a national portfolio of applied dementia research - on Australian shores, with world class standing and recognition.
The DCRCs began with a mission statement of Translating Dementia Research Into Practice. Staying true to this course, the achievements are numerous and diverse - discovering new knowledge, building young scientist capacity, and driving advances across the full spectrum of dementia prevention, diagnosis, care, and workforce education. 
To help us celebrate 10 years of DCRC activities, we are proud to sponsor two special issues of the Australian Journal of Dementia Care.  Thank you for being part of the DCRC journey..... 
(August/September 2016)  (October/November 2016)

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